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Hi there!  We are the Chadwick family!  Aaron & Casey have 2 small businesses that are family owned and operated.  JMS of Houston, LLC & Extra Nuggets, LLC. Our oldest, Connor, has aspirations of becoming a writer & movie director.  Right now he runs a small lawn care and landscaping business, and is a business partner with! Our daughter, Camryn, is well on her way to having an amazing racing career, along with being a certified beauty consultant with Motives Cosmetics at 17 years old!  Our youngest, Braden, is all about video games and is learning how to develop and code video games!  


As entrepreneurs, we have partnered with others to help them start businesses and fulfill their dreams of being business owners.  Why did we decide to join Market America & and add this business to our list?  Our number one reason is to help others be financially independent and be entrepreneurs themselves!  This business is for EVERYONE!  The initial investment and overhead is very minimal compared to what it usually takes to start a business.  


The other reason we joined is the "ANYWAY" reason...we have converted our spending to go through and are earning cash back and commissions!  It's the money we are spending ANYWAY, so why not earn money on money we are spending ANYWAY!  


If you want to find out how you can earn money spending the money you are already spending, please contact us!  We would love to help you become your own boss and become financially independent!

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